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Anelka: Misunderstood (2020) - 6/10

If, like me, you've spent your whole life wondering what Derby looks like from a drone high above the city, you're in for a treat here. The cinematography of this is ramped up to max as the directory pulls out all the favourites; aerial shots, low-to-the-ground rush shots over sand dunes and the slow pan from vertical to horizontal as a body of water gives way to a city landscape. But yeah, Anelka. Always seemed a bit of a nob'ead didn't he? A bit full of himself? Well he probably is but he goes some way to explaining some of that here. I can respect someone who sticks to his beliefs and he clearly loves LFC and regrets how it didn't work out with us. Plus, he looks like a good dad. So he's alright by me.

Posted by Mike on Monday, August 24, 2020 / imdb / amazon

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