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The Last Duel (2021) - 6/10

Look, let's not fuck about here; Jodie Comer's skin is fucking flawless. She must have a Patrick Bateman like moisturising routine. I'm getting hard just thinking about it to be honest. As for the film, well, it's alright but it had the potential to be great. With Ridley Scott directing and a superb cast, it is a bit of a let down. I really like Adam Driver and Matt Damon but they both play kind of strange parts in this. And why Ben Affleck is even in it is baffling. Definitely right up there with the most Most Pointless A Lister role ever, for me. Jodie Comer and her perfect skin and slightly weird mouth is brilliant again and she probably steals the show. The way the story is told from multiple points of view was a bold approach but it ultimately failed and really just ends up being a bit weird.

Posted by Mike on Monday, November 1, 2021 / imdb / amazon

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