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Alien has been reviewed just once.

Alien (1979) - 7/10

Let's get the important thing out the way first. There is absolutely no need to see Ripley's arse crack in the final scene. The rest of it? Well, it's obviously a fucking classic, isn't it? The tension throughout is superb and given how long ago it came out, it is certainly genre setting. However, some of the effects - Ash renanimating, for example - are pretty bad, and the whole Mother thing is a overdone Sci Fi trope and an awful rip off of HAL from 2001. I've seen Aliens over and over again in my life but I've only ever seen this three or four times, which says it all really. I could watch Aliens every day this week and enjoy every second but I'm not sure when I'll ever watch this again. But without Alien, you don't get Aliens, or the franchise. So, you know, mad props for that.

Posted by Mike on Monday, January 30, 2023 / imdb / amazon

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