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The Whale (2022) - 6/10

The guy who sat next to me in the cinema to watch this was with his wife/girlfriend/carer, who knows, and between them they brought a fucking ginormous bag of sweets and crisps and chocolate. And they spent near the entire film working their way through them, rustling bag after rustling bag. Now that's obviously bad enough, but when you consider what this film about, it's even worse. It is literally about a man so obese, and with such an eating problem, that he is literally on the verge of death. So yeah, scoffing your way through 5,000 calories of shite whilst pondering his exist is a little off, don't you think? Anyway, the film itself is pretty grim but if grimness is your jam - it absolutely is mine - then it'll be worth a watch.

Posted by Mike on Wednesday, February 15, 2023 / imdb / amazon

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