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The Prisoner's Daughter (2022) - 5/10

My brother loves Kate Beckinsale - has for years - and he also loves Logan Roy (Brian Cox) from Succession, so when I saw there was a film out with both of them in it, the first thing I did was let him know that Beckinsale was in a film with Cox. He got the wrong end of the stick and thought I said cocks, so he assumed she'd hit a rough patch and turned to the adult film industry, and he jizzed his kex right there at the thought. However, it's not that sort of film, sadly, although it is the sort of film that I usually like. It is about a strained father-daughter relationship and a single mum struggling to keep food on the table for her kid. But it didn't quite tickle my fancy. Brian Cox plays Brian Cox, by which I mean he's a grumpy old bastard and Kate Beckinsale plays a getting-a-bit-old-now-and-had-too-much-work-done-on-her-face version of Kate Beckinsale, which was also a let down. Oh well.

Posted by Mike on Wednesday, July 26, 2023 / imdb / amazon

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