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Dave Not Coming Back (2020) - 6/10

This is the story of a cave diver who, whilst out one day casually breaking the record for the deepest cave dive ever, comes across the body of some soft cunt who died years earlier diving the same cave. And being the hero that he is, he decides to retrieve the body, as you do. So he gathers loads of his cave-diving mates together and they dive down and bring the body back to the surface. What a heart-warming story. Except, no, hang on. That's not right, is it? He only goes and fucking dies himself doing it, doens't he? Now who's the soft cunt? I feel this film would have been MUCH better had they kept some mystery about the outcome. Maybe, you know, don't fucking title the sodding film, Dave Not Coming Back. Perhaps, Dave Maybe Coming Back or Dave Gone Done Fucked Up? Anyway, it's worth a watch, and good on Dave for having a go. And he sort of achieved what he set out to accomplish anyway. It just would have been better for all concerned had he not died himself whilst doing it.

Posted by Mike on Thursday, August 24, 2023 / imdb / amazon

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