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Aftersun (2022) - 8/10

This is my sort of jam. It's about a woman - now grown up - thinking back to a holiday she had as a kid with her troubled dad, who, we are led to believe, is no longer around, and what impact that may have had on her. It's very well done - some, I'm sure, would say it's slow - but it's subtle, and I like that, because life is in the small moments. It ended with me just wanting to give them both a big hug, because parenting is hard, and losing parents is hard. And fucking hell, life is hard. And if we only knew what was coming. Maybe some do and maybe that's why they get off the ride. I'll be watching it again soon. I suggest you do, too.

Posted by Mike on Friday, September 1, 2023 / imdb / amazon

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