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Blood Diamond has been reviewed a total of 3 times with an average rating of 8.

Blood Diamond (2006) - 7/10

They say Will Smith gets all the best black roles, but brother just ain't black enough for this one, aiiiigh. This is another film detailing just how shit life is if you're unfortunate enough to be both black and born in Africa. The shit that happens just so that men of the West can appease their women by putting diamonds on their fingers... Ignorance is, indeed, bliss.

Posted by Mike on Wednesday, August 18, 2010 / imdb / amazon

Blood Diamond (2006) - 9/10

If you haven't seen this movie then I assure you, you're missing out.. Somebody told me it was boring in parts, err, don't agree. Thought it was paced brilliantly and full of action.. Dicaprio was outstanding, in fact so were the whole cast, bar the lead female. Really opens your eyes to what goes on too..

Posted by Willo on Friday, July 16, 2010 / imdb / amazon

Blood Diamond (2006) - 9/10

I never really digged Leonardo DiCaprio as an actor but this film changed my mind!! I found it absolutely brilliant from start to finish and it really gives you an insight in to what Africans really went through and probably still go through to find these expensive diamonds! DiCaprio gives a brilliant performance alongside his African accent and it's definitely a film to see. I've seen it about 5 times now so it must be a gooden! lol.

Posted by MattyTLFC on Tuesday, June 15, 2010 / imdb / amazon

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